Monday, April 4, 2011

They Have It Out for Me

The California Department of Motor Vehicles, that is.

When we were beginning to plan our transition to Texas, I learned that out insurance broker couldn't write policies in Texas. Bummer. So I set up a new policy with a broker in Texas. For well ove a month we had overlapping policies. Way more insurance than we needed!

We let the California policy lapse on its own. In California, your insurance company informs the DMV that you are covered with them, since it is a requirement in order to have a vehicle registered, that you provide proof of insurance. When they no longer cover you they also inform the DMV. Obviously there was no expectation on my part that our Texas company would let them know they had taken over coverage. I knew California would contact me to demand proof of insurance. Fine.

So the letters come demanding I provide proof of insurance before today, April 4th, or my registration would be suspended and I would be fined.

I mailed in my proof of insurance, via certified mail, and it was confirmed delivered well before today. Last week they sent a letter claiming the registration had been suspended and the fine imposed. How can they do this before their deadline? Furthermore, it is isn't even possible that the letters crossed in the mail because I still had until today. And lastly, where is the proof I sent them? So far I have only received a supsension confirmation on one of the vehicles so we are only driving the other one. I really don't need the stress. I am waiting on a call back from them now so hopefully someone can help me!

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Mommy Chon said...

oh gosh I hate dealing with vehicle stuff and the DMV, BUT the good thing is if you went to the DMV they would help you out STAT because you're pregnant (or at least that's how it is in Illinois). Good luck and don't stress, hopefully this will pass over.