Friday, April 1, 2011

Allen Avengers

Tonight we went to a hockey game with our friends from church. It was a play-off game featuring the Allen Americans and The Killer Bees, both minor-league teams.

Despite being the play-offs, tickets were only $9 each. Ha! I must say, the facility was super nice, with comfortable seats and good concessions. Parking was even free, which is pretty much unheard of at a sporting event.

I laughed a good portion of the night watching the sponsors scroll across the big screen. They included such big names as Uncle Bob's Storage and Littlefield Cleaners. Welcome to Middle America, folks! And, despite there being very few people in attendance, those who were sure had a lot of team spirit!

As we were preparing to lave Mr. Case asked me what he should wear. we are not true fans of either team, having never heard of them before, but I asked Mr. Case to guess the team colors for the Allen team. Naturally he guess right: red, white and blue! I love me some patriotism! I definitely think we will go to more of these local events in the future.

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