Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rough Weekend

I have been trying very hard to adapt the mindset that complaining is entirely unacceptable. The theory comes from the book I'm reading, which essentially tells you that complaining is detrimental to your psyche and it does more harm than good. I am not perfect (obviously.)

Sorry for the delay in not posting much. My weekend was awful. On Saturday I came home from running some errands with my mom to find my beloved Paris having a Grand Mal seizure. We rushed her to the vet and the vet was a very cruel, unkind woman. I am honestly surprised she works with animals for a living.

Paris was so bad off that we planned to have her euthanized on Sunday morning. We were under the impression she was paralyzed, and she would not eat or drink. Long story short, in typical diva fashion, she was waiting for something more delicious, I suppose, because she proved to us she could walk when offered an omelet.

I know some people think it is silly to get so worked up over a pet, but honestly, she has been more loyal and loving to me than many of my human friends. I had her before I had Mr. Case! She has helped my entire family (as individuals) through hard times. Both my brothers left work and came home to say their goodbyes, and my parents spent hours holding and petting her, too. Not one person didn't shed a tear.

Thankfully Paris has been rebounding. Another doctor from the vet hospital called to check on Paris and I relayed to her the treatment we had received during emergency hours. She insisted I speak to the owner of the hospital and when I did he was the kindest man. He had me come back in and he wrote a prescription for anti-seizure medicine, which is what I had been hoping for,but has been denied by the mean vet. He also went to great lengths to assure me he had reprimanded the other vet. In all, he really went out of his way to rectify the situation and ensure my animal received proper care.

I have received a couple of emails and just wanted to mention that yes, I will be announcing the baby's gender but it won't be here. Still trying to keep this a relatively baby-free blog. The announcement will be on my family/pregnancy blog either tonight or tomorrow.

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Liz said...

Oh, I am so relieved that Paris is doing well! I was thinking about that & wondering. I pray that everything will be just fine.