Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do NOT Buy!

Due to the funky nature of my 1/2 Puerto Rican hair, I am required to buy high end styling tools and products if I intend to look half-way decent. I have tried tools from places like Target but they simply won't work.

I have been a loyal Salono blow dryer fan fro many years but about 5 years ago I bought a Babyliss Pro on the recommendation of my stylist. My blow dryers typically last me many years because I don't blow dry frequently. Therefore, it is easy for me to justify the enormous cost for these tools. This particular blow dryer set me back close to $300:

About a year ago, one of the plastic blades on the fan gave out. Mr. Case was able to break off what was left hanging and get me to the point where I was still able to use it. Given our circumstances, I was looking to delay buying a new betrayer at any cost.

Well, this morning, the thing made a noise that resembled death and spit out a massive spark, shocking me along the way. I was literally so frightened I threw the blow dryer onto the floor, even though it was still on. It is safe to say I am livid. I will never buy another Babyliss. I take very, very good care of my tools. They are always kept clean and in their original packaging. There is no excuse for such a costly product to give out 4 years in.

Now, I have to search for a new blow dryer. I do not have $300, let's just say that. Any suggestions?

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