Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Marriage

My parents have lived a lot of life in the close to 40 years they've been together (married 38 this September.) They have lived through the death of parents, ups and downs, their marriage survived having a child with cancer (no small feat, I assure you), significant financial gains and losses, etc. 

Obviously I am very proud that they are still married. Many people have quit through much less. and if I am to be honest, they have weathered some very, very rough storms. To say their marriage is imperfect is an understatement. But then, who does have the perfect marriage?

If I know one thing, it is this: whether they are on great terms or bad, they always go out on dates. Even when we were small, they'd sneak away for the weekend or at least go out to dinner. They made the time. I'm confident this is one of the sole reasons they survived. 

Mr. Case says he has not one memory of his parents ever going out alone, together. Not one. His parents are divorced. I wasn't part of their marriage so I can't say if this was a contributing factor but I do know I have an ingrained fear/presumption that couples who don't spend time together alone, run the risk of waking up one day not knowing who their spouse is anymore. What happens when your kids grow up to live their own lives? 

I am 29, my middle brother is 22 and my baby brother is 20. My parents still plot elaborate, detailed plans and schemes to find time without us. For instance, last night they had to make a run to "Wal-mart" when in reality they wanted to go out to dinner and didn't want any uninvited guests. This did not offend me in the least. 

Mr. Case and I promise one another on a weekly basis that we will never turn our heads and question when the last time we spent time alone, out of the house was. I know things will be changing in our near future, but I also know we have some control. I intend to exercise it. Sometimes an hour away for coffee can make a difference, ya know?

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Cady said...

Before Lucy was born, we talked about how we wanted to have date night once a week after she came. Then, we realized how hard it is to find a babysitter that isn't ridiculously expensive. :) We're getting better at getting time out without Lucy (tomorrow we'll be gone for 6 hours or so at a wedding), and sometimes that's me taking Lucy to the sitter's early so we can meet for lunch. But, that's just as nice as going out in the evenings, and I think it counts. :)