Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tonight my husband is going to take me to a romantic, sophisticated dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day early. Yesterday he surprised me with beautiful tulips.

But, it wasn't always that way.

I was one of the very last hold-outs to get married. In fact, most of my friends have all been married long enough to be in the baby-making business end of marriage.

Outside of my husband and one long-term relationship, I was single for many Valentine's celebrations. I was the certified Queen of the Lonely Hearts Club Band.

So for anyone out there that wants to vomit on February 14th, or who feels lonely, or who thinks their perfect match isn't out there, please take heed:

Your match is out there.

It might not be this year, it might not be next, but so long as you are emotionally available that person will find you. The best advice I ever got while single was, "Accept every single offer for a date. Even if the person is not your type, even if you're not attracted, accept. Worst case you have a fun diversion or you could meet a friend. And maybe you're meant to meet a friend of your new friend!"

Had I not kept an open mind, my husband would not have made it past the night we met. He was tenacious and went for what he wanted and I finally relented on the advice i just shared.

I hope this doesn't come across smug; really I just empathize with what it feels like to have no Valentine, when all you want is someone. I know what loneliness feels like and I know what it feels like to dread February 14th like The Plague.

Please never lose hope because sometimes it is all we have to get us to the next chapter.

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