Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not So Charming Charmin

This post is not formatting well so my apologies in advance (this would never happen in Wordpress, right?)

Anyway! I love Charmin toilet paper. If I come to your house and you have cheap TP, I will notice! Charmin is literally the only brand I will buy, even after trying to make fiscal cutbacks and trying different brands; there's simply some things you don't skimp on!

The above two products in the Charmin brand are just plain awful. No, really. The "Sensitive" leaves a gooey trail behind. Their claim is that they leave a minimal amount of aloe/lotion on the skin to prevent chafing and to aid in case of sensitivity but no. Just, no. The product itself is deceiving-when you touch the TP it doesn't leave a residue but the second you wipe with it, all bets are off. Nasty goo!

And then there's the "Basic." Oh how I wanted to love it. Everything about it seemed perfect in theory: it was my favorite brand and it is economical. How could I not love it? Let's just say "basic" is an understatement. It's scratchy and thin. No bueno in the world of toilet paper. 

From here on out I will only use the "Ultra" or "Ultra Strong." I'm too scared to try the "Comfort." Toilet paper is a serious issue 'round these parts!

Edit: I didn't mean for this post to sound condescending. I know this brand is expensive. I don't really judge people for cheap TP. Please forgive me in advance if I need to use a little extra when I visit!

***Charmin does not know I am writing this review. I could only wish they'd send me some free toilet paper!


claire said...

i am poor so i only get the target brand tp,
it's not a pretty site but it gets the job done.

Bobbi Janay said...

hmm, I am not a toilet paper guru.

Open and Shut Case said...

@Claire i choose fancy toilet paper over things such as face wash, new underwear, etc. i think i'm obsessed.

Cady said...

I actually like the Charmin Basic!

Liz said...

I actually like the costco kirkland brand of tp. I find charmin too thick.

Laura said...

I feel totally judged!

Just kidding! I actually like Kleenex's toilet paper the best, but I usually just buy whatever I find cheap at Costco. DH bought some horrible environmentally-friendly TP once - oh dear! Felt like tree bark!