Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

In all the years Mr. Case and I have been together, we have only spent two with my family- 1 Christmas and 1 Thanksgiving. 

This year, Mr. Case wanted to attend Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. I was really worried about his family but he was adamant.  Our original plan was to celebrate with some friends but those plans were rearranged. I thought it best to stay home and then the offers started rolling in. After a few days I began to feel sad we weren't going to celebrate so I gave in. It's going to be tough considering the timing but I think it is important to celebrate the holidays. It is my favorite time of year so I'm not going to deprive myself of any fun. 

There will be NO TURKEY. Instead we will eat pasteles, arroz con pollo y gondules, plantanas, and a host of other stuff I can't pronounce or spell. To say Mr. Case is thrilled with the menu is an understatement. Not to mention, my aunt is a seasoned baker and will be making no fewer than 4 different desserts. 

My dad said he is jealous and thinks we've made "a terrific culinary decision." He also noted that, "I married a white chick so it's traditional turkey for me." Luckily for him my mom is also an excellent cook. I identify with my Hispanic side more than my European side when it comes to food so I won't be missing mashed potatoes or green bean casserole, lol. My brothers, on the other hand, couldn't love that type of food any more if they tried. 

I see a food coma in my future. 

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