Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Time

We celebrated Mr. Case's birthday in fine style for the better part of three days.

On Thursday our good friends Russ and Debbie treated us to ice cream at a locally-famous place called Farrell's. The place was like a zoo! Lots of fun and commotion!

With Russ and Debbie at Farrell's

On Friday Mr. Case's mom took us to Maggiano's. Their timing was VERY off so that left us feeling a bit rushed but as always, the food itself was fantastic. I can't recommend Maggiano's enough if you have a large party. 

On Saturday we celebrated at Dave and Buster's. I feel like such an idiot because I forgot to take pictures on Friday and Saturday! I am completely bummed since this is the last time we'll really get to see a lot of our friends in one place. We had a lot of fun! I never even left our table to play any games-the conversation with my girlfriends was too fun!

I really need to get a "point and shoot" camera for myself. Rob has one but I don't know where it is our how to use it. My new goal is to take as many pictures as possible. Any recommendations on a camera? I have a super expensive DSLR gifted to me but I don't know how to use it (yet) and it's a bit bulky for nights out with friends.

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The Trotter Family said...

I don't have a recommendation for a point and shoot. I know I shouldn't after reading the last entry, but I would check Amazon for recommendations. By the way, I am glad they took it down, encouraging crimes, especially one of that nature should be a crime in and of itself. Anyways, what I wanted to get to is that if you guys are going to have babies soon, get to know your DSLR so you can take all the fabulous pictures that you need of them!