Saturday, November 6, 2010


My 4th thing I am thankful for is the gift of siblings. I am sure being an only child wouldn't have been the end of the world, and I am also sure many single-children LOVE being the one and only. But for my part, I am really glad my parents gave me siblings.

When I was in preschool my mom had a miscarriage. I continued to tell people my mom was pregnant for several months after till the school told me to knock it off. My poor mom!

When my parents got pregnant again, they sat me down with my favorite meal and joyfully announced the news of my brother's impending birth. My response? I angrily responded, 'I didn't ask for a baby!'

By the time my mom was pregnant with my second brother, I just hoped and hoped it would be a girl. For a few years after his birth I still wished for a sister.

Today? There is no way you could pay me to have a sister! I even got another brother when I married my husband! God knows best and He knew I needed all brothers!

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