Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well! THAT Was Crappy!

Mr. Case's truck is having problems. Costly problems. As we were discussing it, I said in passing, 'Thank goodness we have one working, paid off car to rely on!'

Yeah, I'm an idiot for putting that out into the universe!

Later that evening someone hit Mr. Case while he was driving the other car. The same car that someone hit in August, that required extensive repairs.

The good news is, Mr. Case was not hurt. Because of the nature of the accident, he could have been severely injured.

I don't know if I jinxed something, or what, but the poor car! More frame damage. At this rate, we will never, ever be able to sell it (even though we were not planning to do so.)

The other driver hit him pulling what appears to be a common maneuver where my husband drives- the man was in a "turn only" lane but decided he wanted to go straight instead, other people on the road be damned!

Of course his insurance keeps banker's hours so we have to agonize till Monday over whether they're going to cooperate, etc. I don't know anything about the state of Texas; Mr. Case has a license there and is insured there since it is where he drives but I am not sure of the procedures, etc.

I can't even bring myself to post a picture of the damage. In California when the guy hit me, I took it to a very reputable shop and they did a fantastic job. I don't know what Mr. Case will do. There's no more side mirror, the door is off alignment, I could go on and on.

Tomorrow we are trying a new church because honestly? There is a lot more going on that I am not at liberty to discuss and I am overwhelmed and in desperate need of some Divine Intervention. Like, literally thirsting for spiritual nourishment. The next few weeks promise to be as dramatic and stressful as they come and I need some help.

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Liz said...

I know just how you feel about needing some spiritual nourishment. I, too, really need that, but we haven't been going to church at all lately. Eddie doesn't like the church that I've been going to since Ava was a baby so we just haven't been going. We wanted to start trying new churches, but having an open house almost every weekend this month has made it too difficult to clean the entire house & get to a new church in the mornings on Sundays. I know that I need to make it a priority, but I don't even know where to start.