Saturday, January 1, 2011

Luxe for Less

I always love when people introduce me to a new product. Growing up I always thought the Caress line of soap was creepy-the marketing was so sensual and the scent was super nasty.

Whenever I travel I buy sample sizes of products because I think it is a fun departure from my normal products (I never do this with hair stuff, as this Puerto Rican kink only tolerates certain products.) I picked up a sample of this without looking at the brand and I am glad I did. Had I know it was Caress I probably would've passed.

Long story short, the smell is heavenly. It's light and feminine and not at all overwhelming. Supposedly there's something in there to make your skin glow but I haven't seen a difference in that regard. I have held on to my little trial for almost three years, never seeing the actual product in the store. Each time I took a trip I was transported back to Nueva Vallarta (it was orignally purchased for our honeymoon)!

They sell big bottles in the stores now and for $3 it is worth every penny!

*Disclaimer: The manufacturer didn't pay me to endorse this product though holy cow it would've been cool if they did!

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The Trotter Family said...

I ave a coupon for it, looks like I will have to try it!