Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Home?

Someone on The Bump sent me a private message telling me about a church she loves so much, she drives 30 miles to attend. If you knew the area, you'd know that is saying a lot.

On Sunday we decided to try it out. It's only a few miles from Mr. Case's job so we knew it was possible to attend regularly.

Here is where lightening strikes me down: we pulled up and were like, "Uh, Whiskey-tango-foxtrot?!?" Neighborhoods go from suburban to rural, quick, and we were shocked to be driving amongst cows and horses. Then (then!) we pulled up to...a barn.

Our first comments (jokes?) were not too Christian-like. They weren't awful or mean-spirited, we were simply surprised because the place was so small. The website is really nice and high-tech so we were expecting another one of the area's "super churches." Congregations numbering the thousands are the norm and this was the opposite.

God was quick to remind us of our foolishness. 

The church was awesome, amazing, even. The people were some of the nicest I have met in my entire life. We are going to go back next week. The pastor introduced us to a woman our age who hosts small group and she said she'd email or text me. She hasn't yet so I hope that isn't a sign. I could really use the encouragement of hearing from her.

I really hope this place works out.


Laura said...

Praying that you have found your new church home - it can be so hard to find the perfect match!

Bobbi Janay said...

I hope it works out, I have been here on this side of the metroplex for almost 5 years and still haven't found a good church I love.