Monday, July 18, 2011

Making A Good Case For Requiring A License to Breed

Have any of you been following the story of the Canadian parents who are keeping the gender of their child a secret? The short end of it is, they don't want their child to feel societal pressures regarding gender so they are keeping it a secret. Only their midwife, the child's doctor and their other children know the gender.

These parents are adamant that there is no such thing as gender, and that people are only determined to be male/female based upon how society reacts to them. To wit, their older son wears dresses, etc. Older articles discussed at length how their older daughter feels, but I don't remember. I'm sure if you wanted to learn more about the other siblings you could Google.

These people are ludicrous in their thinking. They're so concerned with society imposing their values and opinions, that they've neglected to notice they're clearly and blatantly imposing their quirks on the poor kid.  Obviously parents have a moral obligation to impart upon their children what they view as right from wrong, but this is off the charts nuts.

This poor kid does not stand a chance at normalcy with two nutcases at the helm. Nobody would've ever cared about this family or this baby until they decided to exploit the child.

Mind you, their issue is not about sexuality, only gender. So, what do you think-are they genius in their "experiment" or are they irresponsible for burdening their child in this way?

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