Sunday, July 3, 2011

Burned Out But With Good News

I'm burned out on religion stuff. I am supposed to be doing a course where I read the entire bible in 90 days (a tedious undertaking if you want to actually digest what you're reading), a women's bible study on the book of Ruth, and Crazy Love by Francis Chan for our "small group."

I think it is difficult to savor what it is you're trying to learn when you have so many other critical or important things you're trying to do. But! At small group tonight we were discussing a chapter of Crazy Love when I have my own revelation.

God is consistent. Sin is sin. What God views as a sin on Tuesday he will also view as a sin on Wednesday. This makes life very easy. You always know where you stand. Some people might resist this notion because it makes it hard to justify things but if you let the principle guide you, you'll probably do pretty good. It is when you approach with the attitude of, "Well, we're all sinners so I am bound to fail. I will just ask forgiveness later" then you're probably setting yourself up for failure in God's eyes and your own. Nobody has to fail. That is a comforting feeling to end my week with.


Bobbi Janay said...

What a good post. I agree it can all be overwhelming.

Liz said...

Yes, it can be overwhelming. Can't believe you took this on while pregnant! Good for you.

This gets me thinking so much about the situation with our house. I still feel guilt over it all, even though I know that we need to think about our family long term. But, we are backing out of a contract that we knowingly went into, and that is a sin. We have worked so, so hard to avoid forclosure and try to short sale, but after once again taking too long for the bank to give us an answer, our latest buyer just backed out, leaving us one day away from our foreclosure date and not being able to postpone because there isn't an active short sale. I'm so frustrated and angry, but really, I know that we put ourselves here.

Open and Shut Case said...

Liz, you absolutelly must not beat yourself up over the situation with the house. God knows you guys tried your hardest to fulfill your end and live to His expectations. It will be OK.