Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is Tipping A Regional Thing?

If I receive poor service, I tip accordingly or not at all. It is my firm belief that a tip should be based upon quality of services rendered. It would seem tipping is a foreign concept here outside of the restaurant environment.

Thus far, the dog groomer, the window tint guy and the car detailer have all acted incredulous when a tip was offered. The auto detailer (who performed a $250 service for $50) went so far as to say nobody had ever tipped him!

So, am I tipping when I don't have to (or shouldn't) or is it weird for people to not receive a tip in various industries if they do an exceptional job?

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Bobbi Janay said...

No I was raised to tip, I think it is more people are forgetting their manners. I always tip the dog groomer and people find it odd.