Thursday, December 30, 2010

Apple Pie, Barf

I don't like apple pie.

No exceptions.

My family really likes apple pie. My mom's boss was going out of town and left a full fridge, including a bag of apples. I offered to bake a pie for my dad to cheer him up.

Long story short, I didn't use a recipe, I just winged it. I bake on the regular so it was no big deal.

Apparently, it was the best apple pie ever baked. I didn't even bother to eat a piece, that's how much I don't like apple pie.

For Christmas my family quite literally begged me to make another apple pie. Being a good sport, I did. After listening to them sing the praises of the last pie for over two weeks, I decided I would try a slice this time.

It was awful.

The entire pie was gone within an hour of being sliced. Once again the pie was lavished with praise.

I will say, my pie didn't taste like what I know "typical pie" to taste like. But I still thought it was gross.

All this to say, I need a polite way to decline baking another one. If it is someone's birthday I will do it, but otherwise it will not be a family staple. Apple pie takes a lot of work and I just can't see committing to something that turns my stomach. Is this rude of me? If you guys think it is mean, I will continue baking them. Let me know!

***Mr. Case would like the record to state that I don't really care for any pie.

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Liz said...

Nope, if you don't like it, don't cook it. That's my philosophy! My hubby doesn't always like that I do that, but I want to be able to eat what I spend time making. I honestly don't know how anyone can NOT like apple pie though!!! But I respect your decision 100%.