Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Weekend

This past weekend was about as random as they come. Saturday I ate some bad Jack in the Box and spent most of the day in bed. Later that night I met up with my friend Natalie who was visiting from Canada for a conference. We were joined by her friend Lauren. Natalie's mom, Lauren's husband and Mr. Case were all there, too. We ate at Mi Cocina (the only decent Mexican food in all of Texas, trust!) Here I am with Natalie and Lauren:

On Sunday I worked check-in at the nursery in church. Yikes! I'm skeptical I would cut it as an actual teacher. After church Mr. Case and I headed to the Dallas Convention Center for what we thought was a car show. We were so very, very wrong! It turned out to be a hip hop concert with some cars. And not just any cars, but pretty much the most ghetto vehicles you could imagine. It might as well have been called the "donk show." Ha! (If you don't know what a donk is, click here and see definition #2.) The fashion sported by most of the concert goers was unlike anything I have ever seen! I was not the only pregnant woman there but I was the only one not wearing visible thong underwear or full-body stockings as maternity wear. Some people have no shame!

Possible Mom-Mobile?

Gotta love snakeskin!

The foam oozing out of the seats was icing on the cake

Headlining artists, of course I have no clue who they are!

Nipples on your hood = classeeee (poor Mr. Case didn't want his photo taken!)

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