Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I sent Mr. Case to Sam's Club to pick up some bulk water. Rewinding a bit, he left his debit card at Dave & Buster's on St. Patrick's Day so he is only able to use his credit card for purchases. He got all the way to the front of the line with his 4 (!) cases of water, only to be told they only accept Mastercard. Sorry, Mr. Case! I'm really over these club stores only accepting one credit card. I get why they do it, but honestly, I'd spend more if they were regulating my currency.


adriana said...

I think it's lame when they only accept one. Especially when it's the difference between MC/Visa - I mean come on, shouldn't they both equally accepted by now?

Open and Shut Case said...

that's how they sucker people into signing up for one of their store cards. i dont need a costco amex nor do i need a sam's club mastercard. good grief.