Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have just a few Japanese-disaster-related thoughts:

1. It's terribly sad that news of the nuclear power plant is overshadowing the human interest side of the story. An infant was rescued from the rubble and many people are missing, dead, or otherwise devastated. This should take precedence in my mind.

2. I am terrified of all things related to nuclear power. That said, one thing I learned living literally a mile from a reactor is that the media creates unnecessary frenzy at times. I'm sure the anti-nuke people are lapping this stuff up, but in reality the Japanese have the situation as under control as possible. We are all only human and the engineers there are very bright. They don't really need us second guessing their every move. Talk about pressure!

3. Lastly, nuclear power is still the safest means of harnessing energy.

Writing about this is making my heartburn worse so I will leave it to you guys to share your opinions with me.

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