Saturday, October 30, 2010

MOCA and Lemonade

Mr. Case is taking an art appreciation class and must visit several museums. Today I joined him at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA.)

I love many things about Los Angeles-the food, the clubs, the museums, the people watching. I could go on forever. That said, the traffic does not outweigh the good. I know for many (most?) it does. But I simply can't handle the traffic. Thankfully Mr. Case was driving so my nerves were only half-as-frazzled.

The museum did not allow photography so no pictures of that. I will say, of the two extensions, the location at the Geffen is 200% more bad ass. I highly recommend a trip to MOCA. Saturdays are free (for the time being) and they will shuttle you to the Geffen location for free, too. Had we had better bearings, we would've planned to eat lunch in Little Tokyo. Instead, we ate at Lemonade at MOCA.

To tell the truth, we ate their first out of desperation. I hadn't eaten all day and was feeling quite ill. We were only going to stop for a lemonade but when we saw the food, we decided to eat there. I highly recommend it!

Here I am with our two lemonade selections: Peach Ginger and Watermelon Rosemary:

Mr. Case is obsessed with all things lemon and was delighted to get a lemonade cupcake.

And here in all its glory is a ginormous caramel fleur de sel macaron.

I'm bummed we won't get to go to more museums before we leave but I am looking forward to the art Texas has to offer. My first stop will be a trip to Austin if I have anything to say about it!

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Lisa..... said...

Glad it was good. I prefer LACMA but I am always a fan of yummy sugar.