Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well, That Was Rare!

Do you remember the actress Kim Field from The Facts of Life and Living Single? She was on today's rerun of The Wendy Williams Show. Unlike many (most?) child actors, she took her money and ran off with it to college. Pepperdine, to be exact. She now has a successful career working with money-machine Tyler Perry as a producer or something (I didn't pay close attention here, as I am not exactly Tyler Perry's demographic.)

Anyway, Wendy was talking to her about the fact that she developed physically at a very early age, and that many young women struggle with body image, etc. Wendy then went on to ask her if she had any advice for young women who struggle with such perceptions.

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard her response. No kidding, I was genuinely shocked. Kim looked directly into the camera and said, "Girls, you were created by God himself in His image. God doesn't make mistakes. Go forth with confidence knowing you look exactly how you are supposed to. Have confidence." I may have butchered some of the last part of her quote but you get the gist.

To clarify, I wasn't shocked at the content of what she was saying, as I happen to agree with her.

Rather, I was shocked that a person worthy of being on national television would speak so candidly regarding God on national television.  You don't see or hear that very often. I am impressed with her courage to risk alienation. We should all stand up for what we believe in, and Kim's words to young women were very inspiring. Kim is not exactly an A-list celeb, but in my mind she is an A-list person.

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